Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday ... Made it through the Day

I am beat! Today was Institute Day in my county. We danced, we cheered, we sang, and listened to our leaders! We were fortunate to have our State Superintendent to come speak to us. He was very REAL with us. Dr. Tommy Bice is a gem to Alabama teachers, and he gets it! He knows that teachers are NOT defined by our students' test scores. He wants us to be so innovative and excited as to get those negative cave dwellers out of the schools. It's definitely a time for change for Elmore County! #elmorepride
Then a nice, long faculty meeting.
Hope everybody else's days were inspirational!

Find your tribe at your schools folks!
I'm thankful for my kinder tribe & SimplyKinder facebook groups!
Anybody else excited for those BTS Giveaways?**FINGERSCROSSED!
Open House is on Thursday, so pictures will be shared then!
Check back soon!

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