Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New School Year and More Ideas

I'm Taylor and I'm a kindergarten teacher at a school where I grew up! I adore it, and love my coworkers. Second year teacher, and still learning the ropes with some quirky teaching, love, and a whole lot of laughter.

First Year is Over
I finished my school year last year, and I felt like I did a pretty good job. My kids were all promoted, and everybody still gave me hugs. During the school year, I completely forgot I had a blog. FORGOT! What blog?

Over the summer, though I spent a good chunk of time organizing, rethinking spaces, rethinking procedures and routines ... I still feel so rejuvenated and excited about this upcoming year!

Summer PD
I read Kim Bearden's Crash Course, obsessed about Vegas, stalked my bloggers on instagram and their pages ... AND MY NEW FAVORITE ... Periscope!

I've been learning so much from veteran teachers, gaining ideas, getting inspiration, joining tribes, laughing late at night, and becoming a reflective teacher.

Meeting with podmates
We are so excited about the upcoming year! Pinning on pinterest, buying fabulous products, and talking through our plans! I've even been sharing ideas, & I feel like I'm being heard. (Last year, I tried to go with the flow) I tried to keep my ideas under wraps until the end of the year while we talked about the next school year!

I have a fabulous new blog design that Megan Favre did for me. She worked fast and was very helpful! Love it. Now that I have some love for this page, I feel like I can I share it with the other amazing personalities out there.

Kinder Tribe Linky!
I've join some tribes on Facebook, and I'm hoping that collaboration will help me become one of those amazing people that I admire so much on the blogosphere!

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