Friday, July 17, 2015

Classroom Tour

It's been quite a busy first year in Kindergarten. I've learned so much from my mentors, pod mates, Reading Coach, and all of my coworkers. I completely forgot to show you all my classroom!

These are my clips for student work outside my door on my wall.

Love my door hanger!

Front of the room where all the magic happens!

Computers, Mathematical Practice Standards, and the infamous PBIS Gotcha board!

The library. The rug came from Ikea and the Big Joe chair is a hit! Bought two more!

I hate the lighting it gives off! I can never get a good picture of my favorite area.

Small Group/Teacher area. If you noticed, I don't have a desk.

Cabinets, chalkboard paint with student names, more student work will be featured on these clothespins.

These are my pictures from Open House LAST year. I've definitely made a bunch of changes since then. Be on the lookout for my classroom tour this August! Lots of new additions :)


  1. You have SO. MUCH. STORAGE!! I am just a tad bit [okay, extremely] jealous. I have hardly any! And there's hardly any wall space in my room. Did you do a staggered start? Is that what the names are on your whiteboard in the pic? We do that at my school to. It's the ONLY way to start kindergarten off on the right foot!! Also, congrats on making it through your first year. Your room is adorable.

    Teaching with Chevron

    1. Yes! I don't know where I would put everything if I didn't ... Less crafts would be happening in my room! I hate too much clutter. Staggered start is a God's send! I don't know how people do the first week without it! I spent quite a bit of time in that room over the summer trying to recreate Reagan Tunstall's 2013-2014 classroom. I survived it! Excited about the new school year to prove myself!