Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday ... Made it through the Day

I am beat! Today was Institute Day in my county. We danced, we cheered, we sang, and listened to our leaders! We were fortunate to have our State Superintendent to come speak to us. He was very REAL with us. Dr. Tommy Bice is a gem to Alabama teachers, and he gets it! He knows that teachers are NOT defined by our students' test scores. He wants us to be so innovative and excited as to get those negative cave dwellers out of the schools. It's definitely a time for change for Elmore County! #elmorepride
Then a nice, long faculty meeting.
Hope everybody else's days were inspirational!

Find your tribe at your schools folks!
I'm thankful for my kinder tribe & SimplyKinder facebook groups!
Anybody else excited for those BTS Giveaways?**FINGERSCROSSED!
Open House is on Thursday, so pictures will be shared then!
Check back soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

KInder Tribe LInky!

 Hi new friends!
Today I'm linking up for the Kinder Tribe's first linky party, All About This Kinder Teacher!
This is my VERY first Linky Party EVER! So exciting!

Click on the image below to learn more about the linky and how you can link up too!

I recently discovered the amazingness of kindergarten blog groups! I first joined Simply Kinder and recently joined a new group called the Kinder Tribe! These ladies have fabulous tips, and are chock full of ideas and support. 

The Linky below is a way for us to get to know each other a little better :)
Here's a bit about me ...

Years Teaching
I graduated last May and was lucky enough to get a job where I went to school! I'm surrounded by awesome mentors, my old teachers, and strong community. My school is a Title 1, and there is a ton of diversity. I'm so appreciative of my job.

My Mac
I spend a ton of time on my Mac. It has all of my fonts on it, because I'm worried to download them to my school computer :D

Love Scentos and Mr. Sketch! Just brings a little extra satisfaction in anchor chart-making and grading.

Pete the Cat
The kids love singing along with this cool character. Any book where the kids laugh and sing make my day.
My favorite book for 1-3 is This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers. I read it to my babies, and they just didn't get the humor like the second graders did when I read it to them. 

Oddly Obsessed...
with Mr. Greg from the rainbow-tastic Kindergarten Smorgasboard. When I did my practicum in K, he got me through it and inspired me to love those crazy kids. His ideas are fun, affordable, and gives you a different perspective about teaching the babies.

Tears to Laughter
The beginning of my first year was exhausting and emotional. I thought K wasn't for me, but gradually, I figured out these kids get me! They think I'm a celebrity, a second mom, and the "best teacher ever"! These kids teach me everyday, and help me to appreciate the little things in life. I'm greeted with more hugs and laughs than anyone I know.

Alright! Join us on Facebook and the new Kinder Tribe blog!

New School Year and More Ideas

I'm Taylor and I'm a kindergarten teacher at a school where I grew up! I adore it, and love my coworkers. Second year teacher, and still learning the ropes with some quirky teaching, love, and a whole lot of laughter.

First Year is Over
I finished my school year last year, and I felt like I did a pretty good job. My kids were all promoted, and everybody still gave me hugs. During the school year, I completely forgot I had a blog. FORGOT! What blog?

Over the summer, though I spent a good chunk of time organizing, rethinking spaces, rethinking procedures and routines ... I still feel so rejuvenated and excited about this upcoming year!

Summer PD
I read Kim Bearden's Crash Course, obsessed about Vegas, stalked my bloggers on instagram and their pages ... AND MY NEW FAVORITE ... Periscope!

I've been learning so much from veteran teachers, gaining ideas, getting inspiration, joining tribes, laughing late at night, and becoming a reflective teacher.

Meeting with podmates
We are so excited about the upcoming year! Pinning on pinterest, buying fabulous products, and talking through our plans! I've even been sharing ideas, & I feel like I'm being heard. (Last year, I tried to go with the flow) I tried to keep my ideas under wraps until the end of the year while we talked about the next school year!

I have a fabulous new blog design that Megan Favre did for me. She worked fast and was very helpful! Love it. Now that I have some love for this page, I feel like I can I share it with the other amazing personalities out there.

Kinder Tribe Linky!
I've join some tribes on Facebook, and I'm hoping that collaboration will help me become one of those amazing people that I admire so much on the blogosphere!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Classroom Tour

It's been quite a busy first year in Kindergarten. I've learned so much from my mentors, pod mates, Reading Coach, and all of my coworkers. I completely forgot to show you all my classroom!

These are my clips for student work outside my door on my wall.

Love my door hanger!

Front of the room where all the magic happens!

Computers, Mathematical Practice Standards, and the infamous PBIS Gotcha board!

The library. The rug came from Ikea and the Big Joe chair is a hit! Bought two more!

I hate the lighting it gives off! I can never get a good picture of my favorite area.

Small Group/Teacher area. If you noticed, I don't have a desk.

Cabinets, chalkboard paint with student names, more student work will be featured on these clothespins.

These are my pictures from Open House LAST year. I've definitely made a bunch of changes since then. Be on the lookout for my classroom tour this August! Lots of new additions :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

First Job !

I'm so excited to start my journey as a Kindergarten Teacher back where my education began those many years ago. It is so rewarding to give back to my community. The teacher I'm replacing has left me a ton a things in her room. It has been such a chore going through everything and chunking what I don't believe I will need. I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product, but for now I am cleaning out the closets, shelves, and cabinets.

Until then,
please post any new teacher tid bits in the comments :)